Within our manifold, we also provide maintenance service with guaranteed quality and efficiency of the hands of a European staff in the area of electricity, renovations, maintenance of swimming pools, houses and other. We comply with requirements such as smaller changes or position lamps, murals and other things. We are responsible when paying our maintenance Home Company because we have a serious organization for our work, the time to put your pool in our hands we offer a finished elegance and prestige where we put our hard experience available using the most sophisticated methods of coatings to composite materials, mosaics, natural stones, bricks and large range porcelanite elegancies we have available.
Internal electricity.
We are expert in placing control boxes (boxes Brakes) methods use high quality, security and safety for your home is safe, energy controls in General.

We are expert and number one manufacturer of air rest, gazebos, green areas and internal repair the Villa.

In Fumigation.
Our fumigation services to have a technology-Thermo Air Treatment sprays with smoke and ULV (ultra low volume cold).

Pest Control use:
• Liquid Spray
• Applying gels swallowed
• Traps Light-Paint and Application of insecticides growth regulators

Other services:

• Electrical repair.
• Remodeling pool.
• Carpentry.
• Installation of shelves, tables, lamps, lights.
• Wood paint for closed and bathroom
• Roof maintenance or makeover.
• Disinfestation
• Floor positioning of veramic and coral
• Painting.
• Garden light installation

The operations are guaranteed within 5 business days from Monday to Friday and 48 hours in case of emergency.

Payment Terms: 50% upon signing the budget and 50% at the end of the work.