It’s a Company headed by Italian people established in this country in order to make the lives of our customers as much comfortable as possible; we offer all the services necessary to make your stay in this wonderful and tropical unforgettable paradise, as for example detailed research of the place where you want to stay for vacation or for life, with a wide selection of houses, mansions, apartments both for rent and for sale.

We can offer a complete package that goes to waiting at the airport, assistance in the accommodation of your choice. Furthermore, e can provide you with a familiar nanny, maid, cook and driver, to make your stay as comfortable as possible. For your relaxation we offer a personal training service, a water aerobics instructor or a private masseuse, everything in your home and in most cases in your language.

We also offer a wide selection of cars for rent with or without drivers to devote to discover the wonders of the Dominican Republic. And offer you language courses in your home, certified translation of texts in different language, and for those who choose to live here take care of managing the residence and citizenship documents.

We also offer a wide selection of cars to rent with or without driver to accompany you to discover the wonders of the Dominican Republic.

We offer language courses at home, legalized translations of texts in different languages and for those who would choose to live here, we deal with the documents of residency and citizenship.

We also offer a maintenance service for your home, providing an electrician, plumber and bricklayer. We can help you in the little things of every day, such as fixing shelves, adjust doors, disinfect certain areas for hunting bugs, or in big things like maintenance and painting of swimming pools or re-roofing.


  • Spanish Language Courses – English – French – Italian.
  • Electrician – Plumber – Mason furnace construction – sculptures – paintings.
  • Legal practices: residence – contracts. Sale and rental of villas.
  • Employment agency to work as a nanny – waitress – service.
  • Organize holiday – tours – airport transportation.